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  • Alyson Calhoon

Peachtree Interviews

On March 18th, Mrs. Hollee Honaker, Mrs. Dee Dee Calhoon and Mr. David Lewis joined us to interview our 9 applicants for the PeachTree Scholarship. This was a needs-based scholarship that focused on each applicants achievements and future goals. We were so blown away that by the second interview we realized how difficult it would be to make a decision. We are incredibly proud of our future generation here in Autauga County. Mrs. Hollee Honaker, a member of our CPC donated the scholarships in January with a goal to make a difference in Autauga County. While we could only select 2 applicants to recieve a $2,500 scholarship, every applicant will recieve a $500 scholarship donated by Calhoon Law, LLC from Mrs. Dee Dee Calhoon. We are humbled to award our applicants. Our selection will be released in early April.

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