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On-A-Positive Note 2021

The On-A-Positive Note Ceremony was held on May 10th at 3:45 in the Commissioner's Chamber. The ceremony awarded 8 Autauga County Students, 10 Autauga County Teachers and 1 Autauga County Principal-of-the-year.

This ceremony awarded students who have made a positive impact in their community by overcoming odds to achieve results. The students are as listed:

Jaiden S., Prattville Junior High School

Ashlan P., Marbury Middle School

Brooklyn P., Marbury Middle School

Joseph W., Marbury High School

Aaron Kane W., Prattville Junior High School

Zoe P., Marbury High School

Ava M., Prattville Junior High School

Alexandra W., Prattville High School

Teacher of the Year awards were issued to teachers who have gone beyond the call of duty to benefit their students, the teachers are as listed:

Brittney Longcrier, Billingsley High School

Laura Harp, Daniel Pratt Elementary School

Cherea Baker, Autauga County Technology Center

Pamela Haseltine, Autaugaville School

Kortney Turner, Prattville Intermediate School

Jeff Bergdolt, Prattville Christian Academy

Kevin Palmer, Marbury High School

June Young, Prattville Junior High School

Judy Cordell, Prattville Primary School

Michelle McGowan, Prattville High School

Principal of the year was Ms. Holly McNider. Ms. McNider has worked tirelessly for Prattville Primary School's children.

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