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  • Alyson Calhoon

Trunk or Treat 2020

Our Policy Council has held our annual Special Needs Trunk or Treat annually for 4 years. This year was unlike any other. Unfortunately, the pandemic takes some of the fun out of trick or treating BUT overcome and adapt is our specialty! This event is so special to so many children and we couldn't let COVID take that away! We held our Trunk or Treat at Daniel Pratt Elementary on October 31st, 2020 at 9:30a.m. The excitement of seeing those sweet children running over from The Field of Dreams is one you just can't forget- they ran quickly from the tattoo booth, to the balloon man, to the humane shelter puppies in one big sweep. Mayor Bill Gillespie awarded Calhoon Law, LLC with a $100 prize to donate to any organization of their choice for the Best Trunk award. Deanne Calhoon donated the prize to one of our partnering organizations, COSA (Council Against Substance Abuse). Before our next Trunk or Treat, we plan to develop a strategic advertising plan to make sure every child has the opportunity to attend.

Calhoon Law, LLC

First place for Best Trunk 2020

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